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  • What is MatchAndTalk? MatchAndTalk is a secure platform that matches its members based on their common likes and interests. Members may chat via mobile phone and may set days and hours they want to be accessible. MatchAndTalk operates worldwide and shares its income.
  • How does MatchAndTalk operate? Step 1: Sign up for MatchAndTalk free of charge.
    Step 2: Set the days and hours that you want to chat.
    Step 3: Set your interests and go mobile.
    Step 4: Choose a member with whom you would like to chat.
    Step 5: Load money to your MatchAndTalk account.
    Step 6: Click the button on your favorite member's profile and we will connect you.
  • How can I sign up for MatchAndTalk? Click the Sign Up button in the top right-hand corner of the website. We ask for your nickname, your e-mail address, gender, date of birth and country/city. You can log in with your Facebook account or sign up with your mobile phone number and if you want, you can update your profile to meet members with similar interests.
  • Do I pay for MatchAndTalk membership? No. Membership is free of charge. You need to load money to your MatchAndTalk account to chat with other members.
  • From which countries do you accept members? MatchAndTalk operates worldwide and accepts members from all countries.
  • How can I delete my MatchAndTalk account? To delete your account, click Delete Account in the Subscription menu. If you contact us, we may solve your problem and increase your user satisfaction.
  • Is it secure to use MatchAndTalk? It's our ambition to create a secure platform. We try hard to keep our system safe and your data private. We never share your personal data or phone number.
  • How can I update my profile? After you have logged in, use the panel on the left to change your personal information. After clicking My Profile, you have 3 options;
    Click "How do I look" to check how others see your profile.
    Click "Update Profile" to change your preferences step-by-step.
    Click "My Photos" to add or change your photos.
    Always remember that up-to-date profiles attract more members.
  • How can I create a photo album? According to statistics, profiles with pictures attract more attention and their users meet more people. It's essential for you to add photos and create a photo album. To create one, click My Profile and then My Photos in the control panel. Choose your best pictures for your profile and add one at a time with "browse".
  • My profile updates are denied. Why? Your profile updates go online after our editors' approval. We check all the changes made to keep the platform free of fraud, fake accounts and abuse. We deny inappropriate photos and texts that include your phone numbers or e-mail addresses.
  • How can I share my MatchAndTalk profile? After you have signed up, we create a profile page for you ( You can use and share this link on Facebook, Twitter, your personal website or any other platform. We can remind you of your link any time you click the red button at the bottom of the control panel.
  • How can I change my password? We recommend you change your password frequently. Remember that your birthday or consecutive numbers are not safe options. To change your MatchAndTalk password, use the Password Settings option under the Member Settings tab in the control panel. We will ask for your old and new passwords.
  • I forgot my password. What should I do? If you forgot your password, please click "I forgot my password" on the login page. After entering your phone number and clicking "Get my password", we will send you your password via text.
Calls and Chat
  • How can I make calls? MatchAndTalk connects members via their mobile phones using its own infrastructure. You need to choose a member with similar interests, or who you just want to talk to. If this member's line is open for calls, just click the button on his/her profile. If the line is closed, you can add him/her as a friend or send a call invitation.
  • I don't get calls. What should I do? MatchAndTalk member calls go only to profiles that have similar interests and likes. If you want to boost incoming calls, you may follow these steps:
    Update your profile. More detailed profiles attract more people.
    Describe yourself. Be creative. Don't mention that you're attractive or rich; instead, let people discover it.
    Add photos. Our statistics indicate that more photos mean more incoming calls.
    Invite. Send call invitations to reach members you like.
    Call others. Don't hesitate to make calls. The more you call others, the more calls you will get.
  • How can I set my timeline to get calls? MatchAndTalk is a secure platform from which to make friends via your mobile phone. You only get calls when you are available. The hours at which you want to receive calls can be preset and your status goes online or offline automatically on the website.

    To set hours, click Call Settings and then Incoming Call Settings. Just choose the time period and click OK. You can add more than one time interval. You can remove days on which you don't want to use MatchAndTalk. If you want to be available 24/7, leave the settings as they are.
  • My call suddenly ends. Why? There are a few reasons:
    The call may end automatically if you run out of credit to talk.
    The call may end due to you internet connection.
    The call may be ended manually by the two parties speaking on the phone.
  • Should I be online to get calls? No. MatchAndTalk also operates when you are not online. Other users who view your profile can call you with a single click. You can make new friends using MatchAndTalk while walking on the seaside, on a trip, or even abroad.
  • My line seems to be busy on the MatchAndTalk website. Why? If a yellow button indicates that your number is busy, there may be various reasons:
    You may not have answered your last call.
    You may have rejected the incoming call.
    In such cases, our system indicates that you are "busy" for 5 minutes.
  • My line seems to be offline on the MatchAndTalk website. Why? MatchAndTalk is a secure platform based on phone calls. We think that this system operates properly only if our users consistently answer calls they receive.
    We indicate that you are "offline" if you don't answer 5 calls in a row. If you want to go online again, please visit your profile and change your Incoming Call Settings.
  • How can I stop receiving calls? You may want to stop using MatchAndTalk for a while. If you want to go offline, visit your profile and click Call Settings and then Incoming Call Settings. You may now change your status to online or offline.
  • How can I send text to other users? You may send text to other MatchAndTalk users even if they are offline. To send text, visit his/her profile page and click the text button. You can check your received and sent messages on Text Messages tab.
  • How can I use camera? To use video chat on MatchAndTalk you must have a cam and a microphone installed on your computer.
    When you visit a user's profile you will see the cam button. To start a live chat, click that button. When the user accepts the conversation you will be able to speak over the camera.
  • How can I stop receiving video chat requests? You may want to stop using camera for a while. If you want to stop receiving video chat requests visit Call Settings and turn your camera option on/off.
  • How can I send a gift to other members? You may send a gift to your favorite MatchAndTalk members.
    To send a gift, visit the member's prrofile page and click Send Gift icon.
    Select your gift and add your personal message.
    After clicking Send we will send a motification to the member.
    The gift will be reduced from your credits.
  • I got a gift from a member, what should I do now? You may send or get a gift to your favorite MatchAndTalk members.
    The gift you received will be added to your income.
    The amount will differ upon the type of the gift.
  • How can I buy credits to make calls? After logging in, you can buy credits using your credit card or in-app purchase on the mobile application. Credits are loaded instantly.
  • How much credit do I need to make calls? You may buy as much credit as you want. If you want to avoid calls ending suddenly, keep your credit level high.
  • Can I refund? We don't accept credits back. You may use your credits to make new calls.
  • I made a payment but I didn't get my credits. Why? Please contact us.
  • Why do we have to pay for calls? MatchAndTalk is very different from other matching sites. When checking profiles or messaging is not enough, you want to talk with others. That's why we created MatchAndTalk. To keep our system safe and technologically up-to-date, we invest a lot on our substructure. We also share our income with users.
  • How much does it cost to make calls? MatchAndTalk calls cost 0.00/min.
  • Is using my credit card on MatchAndTalk secure? MatchAndTalk keeps your credit card secure with 3D Secure system. 3D Secure is a worldwide standard for online transactions. Your credit card payments are safe with the collaboration of Visa and MasterCard.
  • How do you charge calls? MatchAndTalk makes duration-based charges for calls. If the rate is 0.00/min and you talk for 30 seconds, you have to pay only 0.00.
  • How much does it cost to chat on camera? Chatting on camera costs 0.00/min.
  • How does MatchAndTalk share the income? MatchAndTalk users earn 0.00/min when they accept incoming voice calls, 0.00/min when they accept incoming video calls and they get 0.00 when they reply to text messages. Wherever you are, you earn money just by accepting calls from people who want to get in touch with you.
  • How can I get my payment? MatchAndTalk transfers earnings to specified PayPal account. You can withdraw your money when it reaches 200.00. The money will be transferred within 24 hours.
  • The person I call doesn't answer. What should I do? Users may not answer a call even if they appear to be online on the MatchAndTalk website. You can try again later. If you experience the same problem with the same person, please let us know at
  • How can I block users I don't want to get calls from? We have strict rules to prevent abuse. Profile updates are moderated very carefully by our team. Nevertheless, you may get calls from users you don't want to be in contact with.

    If you want to block a specific user, click Incoming Call Settings under Call Settings. Find the person you want to block. On his/her profile page just click the "Block" button and you won't get any more calls from this user.
  • The person I called hung up. Why? A MatchAndTalk call may be ended by either party due to various reasons. These could be work-related, personal, or simply due to unsuitable conversation.
  • How can I use the Find a Friend option? You may find users more easily with our Find a Friend option. There are two ways to reach most available users:
    Fast search. You can list others by age, sex, location, status and photo preferences. Detailed search. Here you may be more specific. You can add keywords, social, physical or educational criteria to your search.
  • How can I add MatchAndTalk users as friends? You can add as a friend people you enjoy talking to and who you want to call frequently. To add a user as a friend, visit his/her profile and then click the "Add" sign.
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